00 - Introduction

Hello, my name is Federico Perrotta (FP13), I’m Italian and I’m 26 years old.
I’m a PhD student, Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow, at the University of Nottingham and this is my blog.

Here I’ll periodically insert (let’s say once a month) a summary of how’s going on my project and which are our plans for its future development. I’ll insert also news about trainings, meetings and conferences I think I should attend. It would be fun to discuss about what’s going on and any observation, question or suggestion is welcome.

My background is Civil Engineering and in particular it is Transportation Engineering. I got my Bachelor in Civil Engineering at the Università degliStudi di Parma in Italy and I got my Master - specialized in Transportation Engineering - in Parma as well.

How and when I decided to apply for a PhD position and start my research/academic career I cannot say precisely but I think the first time I got interested in research was during my master thesis training in EMPA. It is the Federal Laboratory for Materials Science and Technology, it is based in Zurich in Switzerland and I worked there as an Academic Guest for 6 months.

In EMPA my Supervisors were Dr Martin Arraigada and Dr Manfred N. Partl and my Professor Dr Gabriele Tebaldi from the Università degli studi di Parma. The title of the project we worked on was “Performance Characterization of Grid Reinforced Flexible Pavement using Accelerated Pavement Test”.

Currently, as I mentioned, I’m a PhD student at the University of Nottingham and my project is part of the TRUSS Innovative Training Network under the Horizon 2020 EU project. The title of the project is ESR13 “Using Truck Sensors for Road Performance Investigation” and basically it is about to assess the influence of road pavement conditions on truck fleet fuel consumption. It is a mixture of Civil, as well as Mechanical and Transportation Engineering. Basically, we will use geo-referenced data about road pavement conditions (roughness, texture, skid resistance and stiffness) and we will compare them with the truck fleet fuel consumption data all over the UK road network. The main aim of the project is to assess the influence of road pavement conditions on truck fleet fuel consumption. A GIS application will be developed and a Life-Cycle Assessment analysis will be performed in order to permit to road network owners when roads need to be maintained in order to save fuel, greenhouse gas emissions, social and vehicle operating costs. With a lower impact this tool might be useful to truck fleet managers to save fuel and vehicle operating costs related to road pavement conditions (especially because of road surface conditions) choosing the best route for their trucks journeys.

This is just an introduction to the project. In the next post we will discuss about the Literature Review, about what I found out from it and about what might be done in order to collect and analyse data to get the best results from them.

Think about this topic! As I said any suggestion is welcome!
Wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Stay tuned and see you soon!


For questions, observations or suggestions feel free to contact me at:

e-mail: perrottafederico2@gmail.com


  1. Well done Federico! It looks great!

  2. Thank you! First of all I have still to work more on the mobile version, then I'll improve this version! Hope also other visitors will enjoy!


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