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04 – Just a brief introduction to R

Hello crew, how is it going? “R” you ready for a new post?
Today I’ll introduce the software that I’m using for the data analysis in my project. The name of the software is “R”.

Have you ever heard about it? Yes, when I arrived in NTEC I knew it just because my brother uses to work with it. My brother is a mathematician (strange people, but I love my brother anyway). By the way, I knew how to handle computer programming languages such as MATLAB®, C++, Python and Microsoft® Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)so, for this reason, it was not a problem to learn a new one. Futhermore, R is quite easy to learn and its syntax is very similar to Python. Yes, it can be confusing  at times because it is possible to write certain commands in another language instead of the one that you are using, but basically once you know how to handle one of them, you know (almost) all. Just change the syntax of the command or the keyword which recall a specific function that you need. Learning by practice is th…