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05 – Data and Data Analysis Method: The Big Data Approach

Hello everybody! I hope you spent nice holidays and you came back to work cheerful and full of energy!
Today, as promised, I’m going to explain a bit more about the data we collect and about the type of analysis we intend to perform. As I previously explained, the objective of the project is: to assess the relationship between truck fleet fuel consumption and road pavement conditions.

Data about the fuel usage are collected by Microlise Ltd whilst data about road pavement conditions are collected by TRL Ltd (but owned by Highways England). In both cases, data are stored in very big databases which can be remotely queried whenever needed.
This study is going to consider only data about trucks travelling along the English SRN (Strategic Road Network). The SRN is completely managed by the Highways England authority. It is around 7’000 kilometers long and is mostly made of motorways and ‘A’ roads. Although the SRN network represents just 2% of the length of all roads in England, it carries 1/…