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03 – On the aim of my project

Hey crew! How are you doing?
Are you ready for a new post? Today I will explain you why my project is so important for Europe as well as for the rest of the world. I’ll be honest with you: this time the post will be a bit more boring than usual. So, get yourself a pillow before you start reading. “Forewarned is forearmed.” cit.
I will start this post with some questions for you. I hope they will allow you a better understanding of the issues that I’ll be dealing with. Have you ever remained stuck in a traffic jam? For example: while you are coming back from school or from work, or maybe when you were going to watch a football match at the stadium. Probably, you were just cursing the closest driver or all the cars around you because maybe you were missing your train or you were going to arrive late to the meeting you had with your boss. Have you ever cursed the local administration while driving on a rough road? Probably you’re so used to drive in such terrible road conditions that you don’…