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23 - The TRB 2018 in Washington

Hi crew,

How are you doing? I am good thanks and I hope that it is the same for you.
In fact, it has been long since I wrote for you last time and lots of things happened in the meantime. In my latest post I told you that I was planning to go in Washington for another conference. This was the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting that this year celebrated its 97th edition and represents probably the biggest event for engineers and professionals in transportation at international level. Just imagine that this year they received around 6000 papers and for a conference this is just huge. They also have their own journal that publishes only the best papers submitted to the conference.

Unfortunately, this year my paper did not manage to be published in the journal of the TRB but I was honoured to be able to present part of my research in the poster session dedicated to “Truck Efficiency: Routing, Platooning, Energy Consumption, and Safety” on the very first day of the event. O…