21 - The ROSE workshop in Copenhagen

Hi crew,

After a long while, here I am back with a new post for you ladies and gentlemen.

Today I would like to talk with you about my experience at the ROSE workshop 2017 in Copenhagen.
This that I attended was the 5th edition of the workshop sponsored by the ROSE project that every year involves about 30 experts from different institutions working on low rolling resistance and greener road pavements around the world.
The workshop is a two days event that this year took place in Copenhagen on Thursday 23rd November and Friday 24th November, 2017. Yes guys, it was just last week. I am pretty quick in giving you news and updates on my project.
The experience overall was just great and gave me the opportunity of sharing results of my research and make some networking for future collaboration. At the end of my presentation I received some very interesting questions that opened discussion within the attendees and that made me proud of the work done so far. You know, it is so good seeing that your work generates interest within people that work in your same field. Of course to some of the questions I had an answer and to some I did not, but this is great as in the following of my research it will be really important to make further investigation on that and exploring the problem from a different perspective is always a good idea.

Are you saying that you already have heard about the ROSE workshop before? Of course, my friend Daniel (ESR12 in TRUSS ITN) attended the 2016 edition last year (here you can find a dedicated post to his experience at the workshop).

Regarding the city of Copenhagen, honestly, I did not have time to go around as I flight over on Wednesday evening and came back at noon on Friday. However, I tried and I tried hard for visiting at least the main hot spots around the city center. I woke up early and I took a couple of hours for taking a couple of pictures and, crew, for what I saw, the city deserved much more time than what I had to visit it. Really, at first sight I can tell you guys that Copenhagen is a very beautiful city.

Here a few pictures that I took during my journey:

Figure 1 - The sunrise in Copenhagen.

Figure 2 - The Nyhavn.

Figure 3 - The Rosenborg Castle. 

Figure 4 - Me presenting at the ROSE workshop 2017.

Figure 5 - The Opera.

Figure 6 - The little mermaid in Copenhagen.

Finally, let’s talk a bit of what I have been doing during the past few months and re-cap the situation with my project. Last week I submitted my first journal paper and I am in the process of reviewing for the last time a second journal paper to submit in the following month. Plus, I wrote a couple of conference papers and because of these I am going to the US for my very first time. I am so excited!! But in a few words: I wrote a lot and still it is not finished yet as I planned to start writing my thesis at the end of this month.

Where about in the US?
In a couple of weeks I will be in Boston for the IEEE Big Data 2017 International conference to learn more about machine learning and analysis of huge datasets. And… yes, thanks to the work done at the University of Nottingham in collaboration with TRL and Microlise, I will go in the US for a second event. In fact, next year, in January I will attend the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Meeting 2018 that is probably the biggest conference focused on transportation worldwide. At TRB I will present results of my work and in a special session dedicated to green roads and in a poster session dedicated to truck fleet management. Sounds cool, right?

So, just stay tuned guys as lots of news are in the air and next post will be released in the following weeks on the blog.

By the way how things are going for you? I really hope you are doing great!




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