16 - 1st TRUSS ITN Workshop (24th May 2017, Lloyd's Register, London)

Hi crew,
I hope you are doing great!

After this long weekend in England, here I am with a new post for my blog. Today I want to share with you the amazing experience of attending the 1st TRUSS ITN Workshop (24th May 2017, London).

Honestly, it was a success. International experts with different backgrounds joined the event and introduced their perspective on the topic of risk assessment and associated decision-making process related to structural safety and management of infrastructure.
It was another chance for all the ESRs to learn from top managers, engineers, researchers, and professors in the field. A chance to discuss innovative methods and solutions developed nowadays in industry and academia to tackle the latest challenges in engineering. A chance to meet old and new friends and start collaboration on common concerns.

A beautiful day spent in a magnificent venue as the offices of Lloyd’s Register.

Please, for more information about this and next events organized by TRUSS, do not forget that, from time to time, you can visit the website of the project at http://trussitn.eu/ or the blogs of my colleague. Please, remember also to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube if you are interested in the project and want to know more about it.
In the meantime, here there are some pictures from the event:

Fig. 1 –With Siyuan (ESR14) and Daniel (ESR12) in the poster session.

Fig. 2 –Yes in our spare times we also pose as high-fashion models (TRUSS ITN Spring-Summer 2017 for Men).

Fig. 3 - Our ladies (TRUSS ITN Spring-Summer 2017 for Women).

Fig. 4 –Taking notes and paying attention during one of the lectures given by a technical expert during the workshop.

Fig. 5 –Business women and men have something in common: (a part of the shirt) they are always keen to learn new things and share ideas.

Fig. 6 - Me presenting at the workshop the latest progress in the project.

Fig.7 - Everybody seems interested in what I am doing in my research and honestly I'm very proud of my work.

Fig. 8 - All together in a single picture. Also posing for pictures is finally part of the training.

Fig. 9 – Me and our PM. Unfortunately, Loreto is now going to leave the project. Thank you for all you did in these months for us and I am sure that all y colleagues and people involved in TRUSS ITN will join me in wishing you all the best for your future. Thank you very much, Loreto, for all your patience, help, and support.

Crew, it was fun and I really enjoyed the event!

In the next post crew, I will introduce you to how to customize and plot beautiful graphs using R (the software for statistical analytics that I introduced you a while ago, here). I think it may be useful for some of you.

Thank you all for your attention and as usual: stay tuned.



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