11 – 2nd TRUSS ITN Training Week!

Hi crew!

Here I am with another post for my blog!
I hope you are all doing well, that you spent nice holidays with people you care, and that your 2017 started in the best of ways!
So far, the start of 2017 was a quite busy period for me, however, lot of work causes also lots of news for you crew. Therefore I am sorry for the delay with keep you update but because of meetings, deadlines and holidays, it was really difficult for me to write anything on the blog. My apologies crew!

Last week for example I went in Barcelona. Did you know that? …
No, crew it was not for holidays…
It was because of work!
Actually I should say that we went in Barcelona. In fact, it was the 2nd TRUSS ITN training week organized at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, and all the ESRs attended the meeting. We presented the latest achievements in our projects and it was also the opportunity to share ideas within researchers and experts. We attended many lectures focused on seismic analysis, mathematical modelling, and risk and reliability assessment. Also, one of the lecture that impressed me the most was focused on the theme of ethics in research and science in general.
Of course we had also a lot of fun! Finally, apart from work, mostly important is that we are a good group of friends!
We had a technical visit to the Sagrada Familia and we had the possibility to taste some of the most famous Spanish dishes.
Although it was the coldest week of the year in Barcelona, it was a very interesting and well organized training week, and for this I want to thank in particular Prof. Casas for the organization and our ESRs António and JJ for their help!

Here there are some pictures from the event:

(Thank you to Loreto and Siyuan in this case, our official photographers! ;))

During this week I also got an interview that probably will be published on YouTube by TRUSS very soon. Of course, I will share the link with you crew! Just be ready! ;)

Apart of the training week, other news are the fact that recently two papers have been accepted for two conferences, one in Rome, the TIS 2017 about transports in general, and another one in Illinois, the PLCA 2017 about the life cycle assessment of road pavements. It is a good goal for the project and it means that the work that has been done so far is giving some results. Recently, another paper for a third conference has been submitted (ESREL 2017). Not bad crew, however, the latter one is under review at the moment.

More news guys come from the Secondments! Yep crew, I finished my experience in Microlise before Christmas, but from the next week I will start a new adventure at the Transportation Research Laboratory (TRL). Another interesting experience and opportunity to wide my knowledge about road conditions monitoring, road maintenance and engineering in general. In particular, the performance of the used ‘Big Data’ approach will be compared with some experimental results obtained in the past at TRL.

In fact, it seems that busy times have just started, it’s time to keep focusing on work and carry out results. Are you ready?! Let's start then!!!

Have a wonderful day guys! Fix your daily objective and keep working hard, this is the way (and especially for us ESRs, good luck!!!).

Stay tuned crew!



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